Cooking using cannabidiol is very easy for Floridians whether you are craving a savory snack or a sweet treat. Cannabidiol or CBD has gained more popularity in the recent years due to its immense health benefits and therapeutic effects such as skin care treatment and stress management. CBD manufacturers make the products easy to use since they are used by people of all ages and animals like dogs, cats, and horses. CBD oil comes in form of:

  • Oil tincture
  • Edibles
  • Florida CBD capsules
  • Pills
  • Topical creams

Cooking with CBD makes the overall process of using CBD fun and also cover up the natural flavor of CBD oil. Using CBD oil to bake and cook can be tricky but there are blogs with recipes on how you can incorporate it in your kitchen.

The Florida governor has already stated that he wants to keep CBD legal in all counties and even cities such as Miami or Orlando.


Florida CBD Oil Shops Now Selling Legally

The Florida governor recently stated, along with Marco Rubio, that Tampa-area businesses legally selling CBD oil are absolutely amazing.

He commended them and said that new laws will be passed to allow people to buy CBD oil legally anywhere in the state of Florida.

Most people prefer to bake or use it on sweet sweets and chocolate cover up the inherent bitterness found in CBD.

Jacksonville is an area of Florida that many people are looking for CBD in as well.

CBD oil is however still perfect for savory dishes. While using CBD oil always mix with an oil-based ingredient like coconut oil, lard, ghee or butter before you start cooking. People who use whiskey, rum or vodka can replace the oil based ingredient. The alcohol spirits can act as the fat component. Wine and beer should not be used since they are water-based.


How Florida Uses CBD For Cooking

  • Temperature

Temperature is crucial when using CBD to cook. Warming CBD oil increases the effectiveness of the oil. Be cautious not to heat the oil since high temperatures will mean losing terpenes, a compound that works well with CBD to create the entourage effect. Heating CBD oil will also make the oil bitter.

  • Start with Small Doses

When starting to use CBD oil it is very easy to use up a large portion of the oil. Doing this will only waste your oil and make your cookies or chocolate cake to have a bad taste. The excess oil will also affect how the compound is supposed to work. Consider starting with smaller batches and serving size. Start small and if your dish is as good as you expected you can increase gradually.

  • CBD Storage

Store the CBD in a cool and dark place when it is not in use. Cannabidiol loose quality and potency since it is light and heat sensitive. Degraded CBD is bitter and will not be effective in treating your condition.

  • Buy Refined CBD

Well decarboxylated, filtered and more refined CBD oil forms are easy to use in baking and cooking. If you are using herb-heavy foods don’t opt for less refined CBD as leaves unpleasant aftertaste.


  • Cook The CBD

Mixing the oil with other ingredients is better than drizzling. However it is okay to drizzle when you are rushed, the only difference it will not taste good.

Take Away

CBD oil in food is an easier way to administer especially for children. Always stick to small concentrates and do not forget to distribute the oil evenly in your meals through stirring. You can adjust the recipes to suit your taste.




Florida Buying CBD Oil To Cook With (Legally)