CBD products are a hot thing out there. From capsules, oils tinctures, to isolates, everyone is talking about Koi CBD. However, as far as vaping is concerned, things aren’t the same. Users can just place CBD oil or even CBD tincture in their atomizers. What’s more, you can vaporize Koi CBD special juices. This product is diluted in a PG or VG carrier. However, considering all these products, Koi CBD e-liquids appeal to many uses. If you have an eating disorder, you really want to incorporate this into your routine- the EDCCA is checking it out now as well.

Koi CBD: Market Outlook

There are numerous CBD products available on the market today, so when a company/organization claims to create a product that’s 0% THC and above 99% CBD; it’s worth taking notice. So many firms have jumped on the business of CBD oil, but very few have the right products to complement their bold claims.

Koi CBD: Get the Facts Right

Established in 2015, KOI CBD is an entirely unique company. It strives to deliver high-quality CBD products that fully satisfy user’s needs. Though the firm deals in an extensive range of products, vape juice is evidently its premier offering. Other than the unflavored version (white), the company also provides you with 5 unique vape juice flavors:

• Strawberry Milkshake (Red)
• Vanilla Caramel Custard (Gold)
• Watermelon Green Apple( Jade)
• Pink Lemonade
• Blue Raspberry Dragonfruit

Each 30ml bottle comes in 4 different strengths, except for which lacks even the smallest option: 100mg- $29.99, 250mg-$39.99, 500mg- $59.9, and 1000mg-$99.99. The EDCCA thinks this is a great price.

KOI’s Ultimate Goal

The main hurdle is the addition of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and certain natural/artificial flavorings. KOI’s ultimate goal is to get rid of the plant taste and introduce some authentic flavors. The oil is very clear in color and this shows that it’s of premium quality. While each flavor produces a pleasant scent, the real taste might not be everyone’s favorite so beware of this before spending junks of money on a bulk purchase!

Koi CBD Review