Dawn Theodore – Clinical Director

Dawn brings her energy, enthusiasm and expertise as an eating disorder specialist to the EDCC. She is loving and firm with lots of empathy for the difficult journey to a life with out an eating disorder. Dawn is recovered from Anorexia Nervosa and believes that recovery is possible for each client. She holds the light for clients when the tunnel appears to be dark with no light. Dawn enjoys bringing her love of dance combined with therapy to allow clients to forget their eating disorders and find a passion that has been lost due to the eating disorder. Dawn also enjoys her work with the families of the EDCC clients to teach loved ones how to support the client on their path to recovery.

Sherry Fleming

Sherry Fleming, MFT (MFT# 45058) – Asst. Clinical Director

Sherry Fleming brings her years of experience from her work at Monte Nido to the EDCC. She is compassionate, caring and able to set boundaries which sets an example for clients in their lives. Sherry’s love for her work shows in the relationship she develops with her clients. She leads the family group each week helping families to develop communication skills while understanding more about the eating disorder of their loved ones. She leads body and soul group where clients learn how to be in touch with their soulful part of their body.

Terry Eagan

Terry Eagan, MD – (License #G67163) – Psychiatrist & Medical Director
Dr Eagan is a positive energy in the healing process that takes place at the EDCC. He meets with clients weekly to review medication and to explore their progress in the recovery journey. His humor and empathy allows him to develop a trusting relationship with the clients. Dr Eagan is a team player who works closely with the therapists and dieticians to make sure that each client receives the best care possible during their stay with the EDCC.

Jeanelle Campbell

Jeanelle Campbell – Program Manager

Jeanelle has over 10 years of eating disorder treatment and insurance experience. Her commitment, knowledge and know-how make her an asset to EDCC. She is available for clients when they need support in or outside the program. With her experience, she is able to work with insurance companies to get treatment that clients deserve and she conducts orientation with new clients and families so they understand what to expect from the program. Her caring and humorous manner allows each client and loved one to feel comfortable.